It’s All About Energy

assemblyLower level transient energy is responsible for the vast majority of common, everyday power-related problems and failures. PSYTRONICS soft clamping technology has proven superior for smoothly and safely dissipating this lower level transient energy,  which represents the very essence of unclean power. Industry standard specifications and ratings of transient voltage suppression systems, however, are typically based upon tests which focus on high-energy impulses and ring waves.

In addition to superior protection from low level transient energy, PSYTRONICS soft clamping technology also provides excellent protection from higher-level transient energy, and even provides supplemental protection from damage due to a lightning strike to the power distribution system. (Note: Psytronics suppressors are NOT intended to function as lightning arrestors, nor are they suitable as a replacement or substitute for properly applied lightning arrestors.) PSYTRONICS soft clamping technology acts upon transients while still at a low level energy state, usually eliminating them before they ever reach the hard clamping threshold. This extends the effective operating range beyond that which would destroy conventional hard clamping devices. In those rare occasions (such as a lightning strike to the power distribution system) in which the transient energy reaches truly destructive levels, PSYTRONICS suppressors continue to provide protection by entering the sacrificial mode.

PSYTRONICS has always insisted upon proper fusing of transient voltage suppressors, and not merely for normal overcurrent protection. Our fuses are an integral part of our design and are coordinated with our soft clamping technology to provide for protection from extreme transients. In the sacrificial mode, the suppression elements may absorb enough energy to short out. The time characteristic of our fusing will allow current to continue to flow into the short for a brief period of time, dissipating more energy. As the fuse opens, any resulting arc will be contained and safely extinguished, dissipating even more energy. The shorted elements are disconnected from the system, and an indicator light glows to warn that replacement is required. The failure rate of PSYTRONICS systems is less than 1% of all models sold since January 1, 2000.

The sacrificial mode allows PSYTRONICS suppressors to utilize the distribution system impedences to help dissipate destructive transient energy, and it is highly effective within close proximity to the suppressor installation.