Why Surge Suppression?

Plate Cutting MachineIt is widely recognized and well documented that electrical voltage transients are present virtually everywhere. Some sources, such as lightning strikes, are dramatic and only occur occasionally. Some, like arc welders, produce light, heat and noise and are obvious. Others are quite subtle and occur continuously all around us. Electrical voltage transients are produced in varying degrees whenever any electrical or electronic device is operated. Everything from a simple on-off switch, to a sophisticated power supply, to an industrial machine tool, to a household appliance, to a common fluorescent light, produces electrical voltage transients.

The presence of voltage transients can be disruptive and destructive not only to the powered device itself, but to things controlled and or affected by the device as well. Unclean power can be responsible for “glitches” that are otherwise unexplainable. The results of these glitches range from productivity-killing annoyances to major catastrophes. Consider, for example, the need to restart an interrupted non-critical process. Then also consider the potentially deadly hazards of a major piece of machinery starting up unexpectedly.

Regardless of the source, the damage resulting from unclean power is extremely costly. In fact, experts estimate that these types of problems cost U.S. businesses more than $80 billion in downtime and revenue each year.