PSYTRONICS Transient Voltage Protection Systems

Psytronics Surge SuppressorPsytronics is a manufacturer of industrial surge suppressors since 1977. Our unique soft clamping effect has produced thousands of satisfied customers eliminating costly maintenance malfunctions of CNC machine tools and solid-state devices. Psytronics advanced understanding of how surge suppressors function aided Underwriters Laboratories in changing the standard, allowing suppressors to have fusing,over current protection.

Psytronics has provided surge protection for manufacturing companies large and small, such as General Motors, John Deere, Visteon, Orbit Valve, and Security Locknut. All of our customers have reduced their electrical downtime with our help. Psytronics is the only suppression company to offer a “no risk” opportunity. Our system must improve performance to your complete satisfaction or you may return our products within three (3) months at no cost to you.

Psytronics, Inc. has and always will continue to build our suppressors in the United States. Promoting jobs in our country and putting the customer first, is in part, our mission.